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Skin Cancer signs

I have just had 2 friends and a client's husband diagnosed and now thankfully successfully treated, for skin cancer so wanted to share this with as many people as possible to try and raise awareness. It's from one of our professional bodies and is NOT an exhaustive list but merely meant to help, PLEASE seek doctors advice, if in doubt. 

Public awareness of cancer has never been higher, and yet skin cancer remains the fastest growing cancer in the UK, especially amongst young people. However, the chances of a positive outcome can be dramatically increased if it is caught early. It's as easy as ABC.

The five steps of the ABCDE are:

A – Asymmetry: The two halves of the area may differ in their shape

B – Border: The outside edges of the area may be irregular or blurred, and sometimes show notches or look ragged

C – Colour: This may be uneven and patchy; different shades of black, brown and pink may be seen

D – Diameter: Most, but not all, melanomas are at least 6mm in diameter. Advise your client to report any change in size or diameter to their doctor

E – Expert: Look out for change, and check it out. Anyone can get a suspicious mole or patch of skin looked at free of charge through the NHS or by visiting their GP.

Our friend, whose cancer was on her face had never sunbathed as she had such pale skin, was told by the specialist to ALWAYS use an SPF 50 every day to help protect her skin.

Your Ideal skincare routine.


We would all love beautiful skin to achieve this we need to look after it every day. The trouble is - finding time to do everything!

Here's the basic routine that you should do to help fight ageing and keep your skin looking good.

Cleanse and tone am and pm with the cleanser and toner to match your skin type - many people forget to tone or just don't know the importance of this step. Toning helps to rebalance your skins PH levels, it should be around 5.5 however in some areas water hardness etc will have an effect on your skin, most often in a negative way, so give it a helping hand with your toner.

If you wear make always cleanser twice - once to remove make up the second time to cleanse your skin, you can use the facial wipes to remove makeup but make sure they are PH balanced and if possible use your cleanser for the second step they are usually gentler on your skin.

Try to exfoliate once or twice per week I find in the shower the easiest way as everything is quickly washed away.

Use a mask designed for your skin type once per week to really nourish your skin.

Use a moisturiser that suits your skin type morning and evening (or day and night cream) and during the day always use an SPF even in winter. After the age of 25, it is recommended to start using an eye cream to prevent/delay wrinkles forming.

If you are going to be working outside for a period of time or regularly during winter try using the Hydracure for cold climates to protect your skin from the harsh elements.

When the seasons' change re-evaluate your skin, does it need a bit of a boost, has it dried out a bit?  try adding a serum to your skincare routine for a few weeks to help it to readjust. If you've been stressed try using the Royal jelly line it helps skin cope with stress.


A few Beauty Tips I have found useful over the years


  • If your skin is struggling with the change in temperature try using your night cream day and night for a few days until it adjusts to the change, I have found this especially useful when we head into winter. Alternatively, you can use the Hydracure for cold climates moisturiser. One of the 1st moisturisers designed with your skin and the climate in mind it helps protect your skin from the cold and wind damage
  • Add a few drops of Timexpert SRNS night repair serum to your skin for a few days to help your skin repair from any stress/water hardness change (holiday change) / weather change etc it works wonders and can be used day and night.
  • Timexpert SRNS night repair serum has a superb boosting effect for anti-ageing and repair.
  • Are you working in an air-conditioned office or central heating? Does your skin feel like it's drying out during the day? Why not decant a little of your toner into a spray bottle and leave it in your desk or carry around in your handbag use it to spray your face a few times during the day to refresh your skin - one pump should be enough. It should not spoil your make up either! Our O2 toner is the perfect toner to do this with as it smells wonderful and is very hydrating for your skin.
  • For teenagers with spots and acne, it is useful to limit your sugar intake, drink plenty of water and keep your face clean and hydrated. The best way to do this is to use our Purexpert Purifying cleansing foam or cleansing bar followed by Germaine's refiner and toner which helps to gently exfoliate and tone your skin and then add your moisturiser hydro mattifying for acne skin. It is important to moisturise your skin otherwise it will look for moisture in the lower layers of your skin and create a small indentation in the skin which will allow more bacteria to build up causing more spots.
  • It is also useful for teenagers to weekly use a purifying face mask applied just to the affected area applying a hydrating mask or similar to the rest of your face.
  • One of our best sellers is the spot gel applied topically, just on to the spot, it quickly helps reduce the inflammation and fights bacteria to help give you blemish-free skin.

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