Timexpert anti ageing cleanser

Timexpert anti ageing cleanser
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Manufacturer: Germaine de Capuccini
Product Code: TIMY5R4868

Germaine de Capuccini Timexpert Extra Comfort Silky Make-up Removal Cream

One of the most important requirements for showing off good skin is without a doubt a good cleansing cream and routine.
The skin welcomes daily cleansing as it "breathes" better and is more receptive to all the properties provided by the daily cream or treatment.


The first gesture of daily beauty that minimises the signs of ageing!

This ultra-smooth, rich cleansing cream is the first step for enjoying a perfect face. Designed for dry and very dry skin, it frees the skin of any make-up residue, imperfection and pollutants. It protects the hydro lipidic layer (oil / water  balance ) of your skin and promotes its ideal hydration balance.

Its incredible voluptuous, dense and velvety texture makes it an exquisite beauty treatment par excellence.
Thanks to its exclusive ingredients, this make-up removal cream optimises the skin's self-defence capacity as well as its firmness:
*    Pro-Collagestine-Fill technology * increases collagen and elastin production to promote an optimal "skin architecture" and intensely favour the skin's natural filling-in power. Favours skin firmness and promotes skin re-densification.
*    Macadamia Oil and Karite Butter, rich in fatty acids, they confer it with very nourishing and soothing properties, enveloping the skin in a pleasant sensation of smoothness in an immediate and lasting way.
*   Vitamin F provides comfort and prevents skin desquamation, something much needed for very dry skin.

* Based on the concentrated extract of Brede Mafane. Selected for its interesting action on the skin and for being a sustainable cultivation immersed in the BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) of South Africa. The careful extraction procedure used allows the recycling of the residues.



Day after day the skin appears cleansed, nourished, cared for, protected and ideally rejuvenated. Immediately restores the skin with all its comfort, leaving it perfectly hydrated. 

Better than cleansed skin, cared-for skin!



Apply on the face (avoiding the eyes and lips), neck and décolletage with a gentle massage in the morning and/or at night. Remove with dry tissues or cotton discs, never wet. Apply your usual treatment cream.

Timexpert anti ageing cleanser

  s. morley - 24 Mar 2013, 23:04 PM

"This wonderful cleanser leaves my sensitive skin soft, soothed and comfortable. Whilst perhaps a little too rich for me during summer months it is perfect during winter and early spring days to counter the aggressions of biting wind and cold."

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