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Timexpert Rides anti ageing eye cream

Timexpert Rides anti ageing eye cream
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Manufacturer: Germaine de Capuccini
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Your eye contour is one of the first areas to show signs of ageing, it is suceptible to external aggression and with the passing of the years, it is less able to defend itself effectively during the day and recovers more slowly during the night.
Expression lines, puffiness, bags under your eyes, lack of luminosity and firmness, etc. gradually appear, showing our age and fatigue.

For the first time, Germaine de Capuccini presents a double global anti ageing treatment for the eye contour. Two ultra-effective anti ageing formulas created to work continuously, day and night, against the visible signs of skin ageing.

Anti ageing Day Emulsion eye cream for Lines/Wrinkles

During the day, the skin has to deal with external aggression that weakens it and with thousands of daily micro-tensions, a consequence of daily gestures. The skin needs a "skincare reinforcement" that helps it with its protective functions.
Thanks to its exclusive anti ageing eye cream ingredients, this emulsion will optimise the eyes daily self-defence capacity:

•    Pro-Collagestine-Fill technology*, increases collagen and elastin production to promote an optimal "skin architecture" and intensely favour the skin's natural filling-in power.
•    Micro-Dermoxine complex, a duo of peptides that helps to neutralise the effect of the thousands of skin micro-tensions.
•    Ceramide concentrate to strengthen the natural barrier of this fine skin, keeping it more hydrated. By achieving more smoothness, make-up is enhanced.
•    Pigments of light that instantly correct the appearance of imperfections and signs of fatigue.

Anti ageing Night Mask eye cream for Puffiness/Bags Under the Eyes

During the night, the skin's cells offer all their energy to repair. When this repair slows with age, a night skincare assistant is needed such as this mask.
Its original "patch effect" texture leaves an imperceptible film that favours the prolonged liberation of the following ingredients:

•    A high-tech ingredient that facilitates the elimination of the blood pigments (bilirubin, biliverdin) and the capturing of iron, the main causes of bags under the eyes.
•    Azarole bud extract**, minimises puffiness and improves micro-circulation.

Anti ageing Results
•    Expression lines in the eye contour are faded. They appear shorter and less deep.
•    Puffiness and bags under the eyes are less visible.
•    The skin recovers firmness. The eye contour is revived.

Dermatologist-tested. Ophthalmologist-tested.

Instructions for use:

•    During the day, apply anti ageing Day Emulsion eye cream for Lines/Wrinkles with gentle circular movements on the eye contour.
•    During the night, before going to bed, apply a fine transparent layer of anti ageing Night Mask eye cream for Puffiness/Bags Under the Eyes on the eye contour. Leave in place during the whole night.

*Based on the concentrated extract of Brede Mafane. Selected for its interesting action on the skin and for being a sustainable cultivation immersed in the BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) of South Africa. The careful extraction procedure used allows the recycling of the residues.

**Organic extract certified by ECOCERT, cultivated with maximum respect for the ecosystem. The result of the latest research on gemmotherapy.

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