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Germaine de Capuccini Fake Tan

Germaine de Capuccini Fake Tan
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Manufacturer: Germaine de Capuccini
Product Code: GER056
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Germaine de Capuccini's NEW SELF-TANNER

A rapid, healthy and secure way of being tanned without going to the beach. A self-tanner is an ideal product to enjoy a tanned tone when we start wearing fewer clothes and our nuclear white skin becomes visible. Also, it is perfect for leaving the skin more beautiful and with a satin-finish when our skin is already tanned and is very useful for prolonging our tan a few weeks after coming back from holidays. But, above all, it is an essential product for that skin that is most sensitive to the sun and does not endure its effects.
A light and creamy emulsion that has been specifically created for the face and body. It gives a natural, fast and uniform tan and protects the skin’s youthfulness.

Its subtly iridescent formula, thanks to the presence of thousands of bronze micro-particles added to its caramel colour, provides the skin with an instant satin appearance and a soft bronze tone. 

In just 1 hour, the first signs of tanning become noticeable and will keep on intensifying until achieving a colour that looks as natural as real tan.

The beautifying effect of the bronze micro-particles subtly illuminates tanning without leaving any shine, while lessening the appearance of skin imperfections.
The skin achieves a very luminous golden tone and a radiant appearance!
When applied after sun exposure, it enhances and intensifies tanning prolonging its effects.

Subtle fragrance and oil-free texture that is suitable for any skin type.

Tanning on demand: self-adjusting tan, it adapts to any skin type making it possible to intensify or maintain tan according to personal likings or own skin tone.

Light texture:
The formula allows a rapid absorption and drying, which makes it possible to get dressed in just a few minutes.

The skin is left soft without a trace of oily residue. In less than 1 hour, tanning starts being noticeable and it gradually keeps on intensifying throughout the day, until achieving a totally tanned colour.
Apply the product once a day until achieving the desired tone. To maintain tan, apply it on a regular basis.
Application tips: 
For a more uniform result, exfoliate and hydrate the skin in depth before applying the self-tanner. Place a small amount of product on your palm or on a cotton disk and apply it on the face and the body by spreading it rapidly. Avoid the eyebrows and the hairline. Wash your hands after application.
This product does not contain sunscreens and does not protect against sun damage.

125-ml Dermatologist-tested.

This product hasn't been reviewed yet.
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