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Kinesiology Sports tape

Kinesiology Sports tape
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Kinesiology Sports tape.

Used by many TOP athletes for Re-hab, injury treatment, helping to aid recovery and postural issues.

5cm x 5m approx roll hypo allergenic* adhesive tape for sports injuries, re-hab, prevention and postural adjustment.

Waterproof therapy muscle tape. Peel strength > 3.0 N/cm. Blue, Red, Pink and Black options are available


Tape is a super thin athletic tape, approx the same thickness and the elasticity of skin and muscles, super high elastic and strong rebound force.


1. Comfortable substrate
2. Allow full range of motion
3. Soft and breathable
4. Provide consistent compression, apply properly to avoid cutting circulation
5. Stable stretch and reliable stickiness.



Supporting bandages for muscles
Assists lymphatic drainage
Activates the endogenous analgesic systems
Corrects joint problems

*Always test patch before fully applying

This product hasn't been reviewed yet.
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