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Acne & oily skin Hydro mattifying gel

Acne & oily skin Hydro mattifying gel
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Price: £33.00
Manufacturer: Germaine de Capuccini
Product Code: PUR612
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Now called oil free Hydro mattifying gel

For oily / acne treatment.

Why will I benefit?

Hydrates, smoothes, comforts and helps specifically oily skin to regulate excess oil and shiny spots on the skin. Helps prevent also the appearance of possible spots. Oil-free.
An innovative hydrating ingredient that prevents skin dryness and desquamation.
Its ingredients: Oily-Reduction phytocomplex, a prebiotic functional ingredient, the result of the fusion between the Manuka Concentrate and the Willow Extract, micro-sponges loaded with lactic acid and a new hydrating ingredient in the form of a sugar net.


Especially good hydrator for young people who worry about  the appearance of spots as it provides a cleansed, healthy and matt appearance.

Active ingredients -

Epicutin TT - tea tree oil enclosed in cyclodextrines which penetrate in to the dermal layer and mop up grease /oil. Tea tree is also anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial this helps minimise bacteria and regulate oil secretion.

Use - A.M. & P.M. after cleansing and toning to face neck and decollete.


This product hasn't been reviewed yet.
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