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Naturae Organic skincare

Naturae Organic skincare



Natural organic skin care

These products are being discontinued

Organic Anti ageing cosmetic skin care (ecological) certified products - ECOCERT.

WHY choose Organic skin care ? Naturae is formulated to Germaine's normal high skin care standards but with No Parabens, Silicones or artificial colourings. It is also presented with the minimum enviromental stress. So it's better for YOU and kind to the enviroment.

What does this Organic certification standard ensure?
 - A minimum of 95% of the ingredients have to be NATURAL.
 - A minimum of 95% of the plant ingredients have to be ORGANIC.
 - At least 10% of the finished product have to be ORGANIC.
And they have to be manufactured in a centre that meets the ECOCERT ORGANIC requirements.
Naturae organic skincare - 5 products based mainly on anti ageing Organic White Tea extract and have the ECOCERT ORGANIC certification. It is gently fragranced with sweet almond, orange blossom, ylang-ylang and cinnamon. The minimum of preservatives have been used, these also have the acceptance of ECOCERT.
Packaging - In Naturae organic skincare, the respect for the enviroment has been foremost and is in line with values of the protection of nature - no product inserts are used, the packaging and publicity information is from forests that are managed in a correct, sustainable and responsible way according to rigorous standards and the printing is with plant inks.

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Naturae cleansing milk
Naturae cleansing milk

A creamy cleansing milk based on organic White Tea Extract, which cleanses the skin deeply but also provides nourishment – especially good for skin which is on the dry side.

£35.00 £20.00

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