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Germaine de Capuccini Intensive Anti ageing Excel Premier

Germaine de Capuccini Intensive Anti ageing Excel Premier
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Price: £295.00
Manufacturer: Germaine de Capuccini
Product Code: EXC430
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Germaine de Capuccini Excel Premier Cream

While looking for the BEST anti ageing skin care Germaine de Capuccini's Laboratories and external researchers have discovered a combination of peptides extracted from RICE with SIRT-activating capabilities - "Longevity- Guard" this acts within the cells to prolong their life and delay ageing, a leading advance in the skin care sector.

What can you expect ?

As these test results show you can expect better nourished, deeply hydrated, radiant, toned and firmer skin with an improved texture.

Tests carried out on women with an average age of 40 showed:

  • 94% Better hydrated skin
  • 93% better nourished skin
  • 88% More uniform skin
  • 87% Regenerated skin with more vitality
  • 87% more luminous skin
  • 86% more comfortable skin
  • 84% firmer skin

THE CREAM has included a superb combination of anti-ageing ingredients within its formula:

  • Micro-Collagen that provides the skin with firmness, while reducing the depth and quantity of wrinkles
  • Hyaluronic Acid -to hydrate
  • Innovative Vitamin C Derivative with anti-oxidising, regenerating and hydrating effect that illuminates the skin and gives the skin a more uniform appearance.
  • Biotechnological Anti-Age Ingredient with an incredible action against wrinkles.
  • Multi-Lamellar Complex with Ceramides that activates, protects and repairs the natural hydration system.

THE CREAM reaches new heights of beauty as a result of many years of research. A combination of peptides extracted from rice with SIRT-activating capability: Longevity-Guard, a leading advance within the professional skincare sector.
THE CREAM has been created taking as the starting point the idea that activating SIRTUINS within skin cells will prolong their life and therefore delay skin ageing.

Longevity-Guard acts on skin cells and induces synthesis of SIRT 1 Sirtuins.  The skin is left regenerated, reconstructed; it feels deeply recovered and is extraordinarily protected against UV radiation and oxidative environmental aggressions.


This product hasn't been reviewed yet.
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