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  • Rides Agecure supreme cream for very dry skin

Germaine de Capuccini Timexpert Rides Supreme Global Cream 

For use day and night with a double smoothing strategy that fights the ageing process.

Relax your skin to help smooth wrinkles with BTX-Tripeptine this has a neutralising effect on facial dermo-contractions so that your expression lines are softened

Regenerate to smooth with Tissulage Tech working to regenerate the Extracellular Matrix that becomes damaged with the passing of years, lifting the mesh of proteins of the dermis and generating new collagen and elastin  This produces an improvement of skin firmness & suppleness and most of all a reduction in the volume and length of fine and deep wrinkles.

Germaine de Capuccini launches a new Timexpert Rides Line that offers scientifically proven results reducing the length and depth of your wrinkles.

With the new treatment: Neo Age facial, available within Germaine de Capuccini spas and salons, a client taking a course of three treatments and using the homecare products: Age Cure and the cream most suitable for their skin, wrinkle improvement of 43% in just 30 days is possible and proven through the University of Valencia Faculty of Medicine.

Wrinkles appear slowly and are the result of various intrinsic and extrinsic factors; Genetic profile, lifestyle, expressivity through emotions, and over time, two forms of wrinkles show:

Static Wrinkles – produced by flaccidity & gravity. As time passes the process of internal ageing is predetermined by our genes, together with factors aligned to our lifestyle. (sun exposure, stress, pollution, etc.)  The structure of your skin becomes fatigued, this contributes to a loss of density.  First fine lines show and over time they become deep wrinkles.

Dynamic Wrinkles -are determined by muscle mobility.  They appear and disappear depending on facial expressions.  From a certain age though, as the skin loses its elasticity  your skin does not recover its smooth appearance and dynamic wrinkles start to appear.  They depend greatly on each individual, how much they arch their eyebrows or knit their brow, how much one smiles or squints their eyes.  These wrinkles appear in precise areas (crows feet around the eyes, transverse wrinkles on the forehead, etc.)

The new products in the Timexpert Rides line fight all types of wrinkles with formulations based on the most innovative findings in bioengineering with main ingredients created exclusively in the laboratories of Germaine de Capuccini :

BTX Tripeptine – working on Dynamic Wrinkles.

A synergistic combination of three peptides to neutralise the effect of the facial dermo-contractions linked to dynamic wrinkles.

Tissulage Tech – working on static wrinkles.

A complex of peptides for the regeneration of the extracellular Matrix, the tissue of the dermis damaged by ageing is replaced with a rebuilt tissue, developing a new tridimensional framework in the dermis

For those aged 30+ with normal/combination skin, with lines & wrinkles.

Benefits for your skin:

  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Strengthens & consolidates your skin’s structure it is then firmer and more compact
  • Achieves a smooth densified skin, with a relaxed appearance
  • Hydrates and comforts your skin.


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Rides Agecure supreme cream for very dry skin

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