Brand New SRNS SERUM offer

Brand New SRNS SERUM offer
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Price: £99.00
Manufacturer: Germaine de Capuccini
Product Code: BRAD2BVT26
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NEW formulation SRNS serum offer.

Buy the New SRNS serum and get 2 free face masks - package worth £159.95



22 Active Ingredients

Our powerful formula contains more than 50% active ingredients to target all signs of skin ageing for a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

Proven results in 7 days

*Clinical tests under dermatological control revealed the skin was noticeably rejuvenated after just 7 days of using Timexpert SRNS Night Progress Serum.

**Increases absorption by 8 times. Our Exclusive Glyco 8-Power technology traps active ingredients inside biomolecules proven to increase the absorption of active ingredients by 8 times to drastically increase results.

Works Day & Night. - During the day it increases the skin’s resistance to external aggression. Applied at night it activates cell regeneration and rejuvenation to improve the skin’s youthfulness 24 hours a day


Our new facial tissue mask contains the same ingredients, fragrance and regenerating power as the serum.

It adheres to your face like a second skin, liberating the concentrate of active ingredients for powerful results.

*In vivo test carried out on 23 volunteers.

2nd Skin Technology allows the formula to penetrate deeper into the skin for more visible results

Targets even the finest lines & wrinkles

Activates cell regeneration and rejuvenation to improve the skin’s youthfulness


After 15 minutes, 100% reported fresher, more revitalised skin with a healthier appearance*

After 30 minutes 100% reported smoother, firmer skin*

How to UseTake the mask out of the sachet, unfold it and apply it to the face:

1. For a flash effect, use any time of the day and leave in place for 15 minutes to see a fresher, more reviaslied complexion

2. Or leave in place for 30 minutes before bed for smoother, firmer skin and increased repair while you sleep

Remove the mask and massage the excess product until totally absorbed.

This product hasn't been reviewed yet.
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