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B-calm Correcting cream SPF 20

B-calm Correcting cream SPF 20
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Price: £76.00
Manufacturer: Germaine de Capuccini
Product Code: B-CAIDB347
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B-calm correcting cream

New clinically tested anti-irritation cream with green pigments to help reduce redness. Our new calm expert complex reduces your irritation and sensitivity long term. Excellent as a rosacea treatment. 

What are Dermo-cosmetics?

B-Calm is the expert dermo-cosmetic treatment for sensitive skin with a tendency to reddening and which easily reacts. To be classified as a dermo-cosmetic treatment, the products have to be independently and rigorously tested to ensure their effectiveness, and product ingredients must have a molecular structure that penetrates all levels of the skin where they are tested to prove their efficacy.

Active Ingredients

The B-Calm range contains an exclusive main ingredient ‘Skinbiome Repair‘ which is based on prebiotic and probiotic technology. They work to strengthen your skin’s defense mechanisms following the latest advances in the knowledge of the microbiota and its importance in the protection of the skin and it’s wellbeing. Maintaining and balancing skin microbiota is key for improving your skin's health and resistance.

Skinbiome Repair is a symbiotic compound designed to re-balance the skin’s bacterial flora and thus activate it's natural defenses. Because the protective barrier of the most vulnerable skin is fragile and altered, regaining its biological balance becomes the keystone of B-Calm treatments. 

What is Skin Microbiota?

We are covered in germs, both externally and internally. In our body, there are more germs than cells.

More than a million microorganisms of at least 100 different species colonise every square centimetre of skin. They live in perfect symbiosis, they communicate with us using our own immune system, and they help to develop it. This group of microorganisms is known by the name skin microbiota.

These micro-organisms can be classified into two groups:

  • Resident – they have the capacity to multiply, they are not harmful, indeed they can be beneficial.
  • Undesirable, – these adhere to the skin from the environment, they can generate disorders and are not healthy at all.

Having the right balance of microbiota is important, it works to protect the skin acting as a physical and chemical barrier that whilst also protecting our immune system.

  • Tests show B-calm has 100% relieving action on the skin

This product hasn't been reviewed yet.
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