Excel Oxygenating Facial Mask

Excel Oxygenating Facial Mask
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Manufacturer: Germaine de Capuccini
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Germaine de Capuccini Excel Oxygenating Face Mask

There are many factors such as stress, tobacco, sebum, etc. that create a dull and tired appearance to the skin.
Germaine de Capuccini have created an exceptional reinforcing treatment: a facial mask capable of providing an intensive emergency “cure” in just a few minutes.


A creamy electric-blue mask with innovative pigments that provide facial skin with instant luminosity.

It is an anti-age mask with a high concentration of ingredients capable of revitalising the face, while offering deep hydration. After the application, the skin’s capacity of response and defence is considerably reinforced. It feels revitalised, luminous, fresh and relaxed.

The skin stays perfect for longer time. It brims with vitality while its signs of ageing fade away. Lines, wrinkles, pores disappear little by little. The skin feels comfortable, soft, supple and more oxygenated. It works against the main signs of ageing, improving the quality of the skin and fighting against skin ageing.

The combination of the two key ingredients of the Excel Therapy Oxygenating line helps lessen the deficiencies the skin undergoes as a result of the passing of years. 

LIFE CYTOXYGEN. Cellular oxygenation.

True deposits of molecular oxygen encapsulated in innovative ceramides that work from the skin’s surface to the deepest layers, helping it recover optimum levels of oxygen and appear more rejuvenated and detoxified.

MPC-DEFENSE COMPLEX. Cellular communication.

MPC= Enhanced Mixture of Cytokines

The deterioration of the communication processes between cells is often one of the problems that cause premature ageing. The contribution of MPC-Defense Complex allows to regain such communication mechanism.

The excellent effect of MPC-Defense Complex ensures a gradual recovery of the skin’s optimum condition. The cytokines provided re-establish cellular communication, slowed by ageing. The skin is then able to regulate itself and to protect itself against the passing of years.


Instructions for use

It should be used once a week as follows:

1. Carefully cleanse the skin to remove any trace of make-up and impurities with the Comfort & Youthfulness Cleansing Milk and/or the Comfort & Youthfulness Toning Lotion and/or the 365 Soft Scrub, all of these products are from the Excel Therapy Oxygenating line.

2. Spread the mask all over your face. Do not apply the product on the eye area.

3. Leave it in place for 10-15 minutes.

4. Remove with sponges moistened in lukewarm water.


This product hasn't been reviewed yet.
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