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  • Timexpert Rides Rich and masks offer

Buy the Timexpert Rides Rich cream and get 3 free face masks.

Discontinued version.

Timexpert Rides anti-wrinkle cream for dry skin designed to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines


3 X Custom face masks

Our new Germaine de Capuccini face masks are formulated with some of nature’s finest clays and are designed to be used either individually or in any combination dependant on skin problem areas, for a totally personalised skincare treatment at home. This limited edition boxed set contains all three masks.

  • Extra Vitality Exfoliating Mask:- Exfoliates and Illuminates your skin
  • Hydrating Anti-Stress Mask:- Hydrates and Relaxes your skin
  • Detox Energising Mask:- Detoxifies and Revitalises your skin

Depending on your skin’s needs, use just one or a combination of all three masks to treat different areas of your face.

It's super quick, leave the mask on for just 7 minutes, a great pick me up just before heading out.

Instructions for Use

Cleanse and exfoliate your skin 1st for best results, apply your mask of choice to the area of concern, sit back and relax for 7 minutes, rinse off and reapply toner, then eye cream and moisturiser.

3 x 15ml

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Timexpert Rides Rich and masks offer

  • £35.00

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