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  • Timexpert SRNS Pro 60+ Extra Nourishing Cream and Eco Refill

Germaine de Capuccini's Award-Winning SRNS pro 60+ cream and refill

Award Winner: Best New Skincare Product Age 60+ (Beauty Shortlist Awards 2019)

Developed specifically for those whose skin has aged prematurely or anyone with dry or mature skin.  PRO 60+ contains our exclusive ingredient Epigenol, which re-activates the dormant genes that have been damaged over time. Once re-activated, Zinc Glycine Complex prevents further cell damage whilst Hyaluronic Acid maintains skin hydration. An all-round anti-ageing cream that provides firming, wrinkle reduction, revitalisation, improved pigmentation and hydration. 99% of women tested said that PRO 60 covers all the needs of mature skin.*

Key Ingredients

  • Epigenol: Developed by Germaine de Capuccini, Epigenol is a highly concentrated active ingredient extracted from the Calendula flower. Capable of boosting the skins key mechanisms that preserve younger-looking skin, it “switches ON” the genes “turned off” by the epigenetic factors to reactivate the younger proteins.
  • Zinc Glycine Complex: This award-winning complex boosts the skin’s defences against environmental stress by neutralising cell damage.
  • RC-Advanced: Developed exclusively by Germaine de Capuccini, RC-Advanced works like an essential reinforcement of skin more debilitated by age so it can perform its functions of self-protection during the day and cellular regeneration during the night.
  • High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid provides intense hydration
  • Milk Proteins provide the skin with luminosity whilst also correcting and minimising the areas of pigmentation.

Proven Results

  • 100% have firmer, more supple skin
  • 93% have more luminous, even skin tone
  • 100% have more hydrated skin
  • 81% reported their wrinkles had faded

* Self-evaluation test carried out on 69 women aged between 60 and 84 after 1 month of use.

50ml + 50ml Eco refill

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Timexpert SRNS Pro 60+ Extra Nourishing Cream and Eco Refill

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